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Since its formation in the 1980's, the Goth culture (then regarded as a sub-culture) was viewed as a rebellious teenage phase, as a dark and possibly satanic cult, as a pathway to violence and suicidal tendencies, and above all, considered freakish by most of the popular mainstream population. The now present Goth culture is none of that, and, moreover, boasts of many facets rich in history, philosophy, film, fashion, literature, television, theatre, and much more!


The New Goth City Project's founder and creator, Sir William Welles, is currently creating an epic and groundbreaking feature length documentary, (loosely based on Voltaire's "What Is Goth?" book -- 2004, WeiserBooks) that will explore, explain, and establish the Goth lifestyle as a veritable offstream culture.


The "This is Goth" documentary aims to accomplish five main goals:

1) To educate those within the Goth culture and lifestyle as to its origins and current global status.

2) To educate and explain the Goth culture to those who may be curious or interested in participating in it.

3) To educate and explain the Goth culture and lifestyle to parents, family members, co-workers, and/or friends of Goths who struggle to comprehend the meaning behind the lifestyle.

4) To educate and inform those who are frightened of, ridicule, make fun of, mock, bully, or even physically harm those within the Goth culture simply because they are different, and to generate tolerance and acceptance.

5) And most importantly, to help support and enhance this dynamic, yet very misunderstood, culture that stems from a unique state-of-mind and state-of-being.


This is Goth is like no other documentary in which cinematically it employs a special visual technique created by Sir William Welles known as Photo-animation that combines retroactive cinematic and photographic styles and effects with cutting edge digital animation that opens a world on the screen that hovers inexplicably between 2D and 3D, and sprinkled with a few surprises throughout.


In all, the This is Goth documentary project is to solidify the entire worldwide Goth community, lifestyle, and culture while effectively answering the much asked question, "What is Goth?" This is the answer...

This is Goth!


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